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For youth entrepreneurs

Futurpreneur Canada (formely known as CYBF)

Are you an aspiring young entrepreneur, aged 18 to 39, with a solid business idea? Are you looking for the financial support and expert advice that will help you bring your great business idea to life? Futurpreneur Canada can help. Turning a great idea into a thriving business will not only help you support and create new jobs in your community, but will also expand your skills in an exciting and rewarding way.


Futurpreneur Canada  offers four fully integrated services that are built around the ‘life cycle’ of a young entrepreneur, helping to ensure the success of every new start-up.


  • Pre-launch expertise – learn how to build your business plan, overcome challenges and grow your venture through our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and network of community partners.
  • Online Business Resources – use our free tools, templates, articles and crash courses, like our Business Plan Writer, to help you with business planning.
  • Financing – find the best financing option for you whether you are an emerging entrepreneur, a new Canadian or an existing young business owner. Futurpreneur Canada provides access to up to $15,000 in start-up financing and up to $30,000 in additional financing through our unique partnership with the Business Development Bank of Canada.
  • Industry-leading mentoring – benefit from the extensive experience of a business professional who will work with you for a minimum of two years to ensure you have support during the critical start-up phase.

You can get financing up to $15,000 if you:

  • are between 18-39 years old
  • are a permanent Canadian resident
  • have created a business plan
  • agree to work with a mentor
  • live in a community that offers the Futurpreneur Canada ( formely known as CYBF) financing program
  • are not a student
  • have some training or experience in the type of business you chose
  • will not use the money to pay off existing debt

Contact Futurpreneur Canada (formely known as CYBF) for more information.

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